Angry, annoyed and stymied ...

Considering that this news is now a few days old, it has taken me until now to put finger to keyboard. The anger, frustration and sheer annoyance has taken this long to abate.

Sadly out there within national education is a group of souls who are clueless as to how international recognition works within the technical side of the networking, systems technician and IT security specialist professions (to name a few).

Fixated on an anglo isle view of our education system, their perception that certifications from the IT vendors lack value and are contrary to our quaint customs and local compliance.

Currently I am stymied as to what to do next, normally having a good idea of the moves. My tactics have become lost in the maelstrom of the changing education system. Impotent to the indecision that is taking place and seeming to be the only non-vendor voice.

So; for those who may understand my cryptic musings. Please heed this warning as there has been advice that for a primary qualification, vendor qualifications are not considered to be the future. If you are a centre who wishes to continue delivering vendor. Its time to fight your own battles as it has never been my remit. Sort your own voice out as it will be better if I stick to HE, writing and the regulation of standards.


  1. Know where you are coming from totally Andrew - at least you more or less only have one education regulator to try to convince. We have to attempt this in a federation with at least 7 (or maybe it's 8, lost count) autonomous post-colonial bodies each with their own schools AND VET sectors to "manage, plus each determined to remain pre-federation in their thinking.


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