Pimping your life hack …

In the second world war it was called make do and mend, in other eras the word was thrift, yet now we have life hacks?

Really, I mean really. I have known of the phrase for a while, but somehow could not bring myself to find out more. Now that I have, I am sure that somewhere a kitten has be subjected to a rather horrific demise involved some life hacked flip flops and an electric hand whisk.

Ok, we all do it; I have come up with my own technique for opening jars. Its not rocket science. Simply take the offending jar lid and tap it firmly (but not too hard) against a hard surface, such as a wall. The action will normally break whatever vacuum seal was in place or move the thread that was on too tight. Net result is that man can look impressive in front of woman and assert primeval right to grunt, beat chest and encourage despairing look from female.

But I am sure someone got there first.

Things that sort your pencils, doobries that make life a little easier. I am sure that in the UK, we had a children’s primetime television called Blue Peter and ‘why don’t you’ that were teaching the kiddies life hacks long before the phrase assaulted our common consciousness.


  1. life hack, un-common sense to solve an issue and get on .................


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