Shout out for some great Judges @SkillsShow ...

By the time this automated post hits the interweb; I will be deep into the second day of judging at the Skills Show. Privileged to be amongst 100's of educators, experts and employers supporting the competitive aspirations of many young people (and some older) as they all work towards Gold, Silver, Bronze in their chosen fields and maybe selection to represent the country in international competitions.

Much is said of the competitors, but often little credit is given to the judges, who are the motivators, movers and drivers behind this massive community.

With this in mind, I would like to give a 'massive shout out' in the fields of Information Technology and Computing to ...

  • Toby Bell, Northumberland College, the organiser and a massive hero
  • Andy Jones, Northumberland College, the go to guy
  • Pauline Ingrams, Highbury College, the quiet motivator
  • Brian Proctor, Barnfield College, who cares far beyond the call
  • Jefferson Martin, Highbury College, the stalwart
  • Bill Shearer, Retired, diligent and committed
  • Mark Hanson, Northumberland College, an enthusiast 
  • Robert Balfour, Motherwell College, gets the job done
  • Jenny McCulay, Motherwell College, cares deeply about the success of the competitors
  • Kevin Large, the world skills training Manager and absolute hero


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