Stop moving the furniture around ...

Time and time again I encounter further education establishments that expand, contract and reorganise their departmental structures. Leaving in their wake, confusion and a work force, if it survives disenfranchised and often unable to maintain a continuum of learning. 

On one hand, senior management demand growth, success and performance. Yet fail to provide their educators with the time and opportunity to develop successful programmes of study.

Looking back at programmes I have had to develop in further and higher education, it has been through maintaining and developing these programmes that has encouraged their success. They don't just happen; you have to work on them, tweak and manipulate them as well as watch over their ebb and flow. 

Success does not 'just happen' you have to have a mind to the strategic and think in terms of three or more years. Progression, completion and retention is never overnight.

So, please think on as you reshuffle when things are not going well, it may be a result of the last change you made nowt but a year ago.


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