Impressed with our entrepreneur ...

Some call her Shirley, our children call her mum and for me, after 23 years, she is my entrepreneur.

From a long car journey conversation last September until now, the idea (her idea). Has moved from headspace, to social group, onto registered sole trader and now a business. With no loans, no external funding, imagination, the good advice of others and loads of enthusiasm. Shirley has moved from idea to income.

Even more impressive, is the reality that she is doing something that does not seem to exist out there. Community bread baking courses. You can pay (through the nose) for an artisan course, at some fine dining establishments or well known cookery schools. But as a group in your own local kitchen, the easily forgotten art of baking ones own bread can be acquired.

A Bun in the Oven is developing, growing and evolving at a sensible pace. From corporate packages for team building events to local community groups (or children's parties). Shirley can create a course to meet different needs.


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