The Thane of Cawdor ...

In my limited experience of the Shakespearian world, I can emerge with one thought.

"My head hurts."

Apart from the the temporary neurological paralysis, i must admit it was enjoyable, but if it was not for some excellent advice from a colleague (basically i was told to read a synopsis) i would have otherwise been perplexed on my first foray into the works of the Bard.

What interested me, were two additional factors.
  • The ruthless pursuit of power, with no regard for the consequence and ultimate doom.
  • How the story, had no relation to the truth, there was a Scottish King, by the name of Macbeth who by all accounts was a well loved monarch.
The tabloid press could not have bettered this themselves.

I do intend to see some more Shakespeare, it would be rude not to and intend to at least form a view of the playwright before i declare


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