a couple of very dim lights came on ...

After a bit (well quite a bit) of a hiatus over the summer and september, phaffing around and not getting on with the real task of a literature review for my PhD. The time has come where to be fair to my supervisors, i have to either put up, or shut up (or delay).

So after some personal huffing and puffing, navel gazing and any other cliched metaphor i could conjure the decision was made.

This did not come via some singular moment of clarity nor was it a revelation on the road to Damascus.

I am getting a wiggle on and its thanks to my wife and a lunchtime conversation with a colleague.

I have both the support of wife and daughter as well as the realisation that my struggle is not unique, all doctoral candidates have this (and on comes one dim light).

So best get on with it then.

Now plotting slots in my diary from now until early february, i have already gotten back into the groove today and for six hours of reading some very theoretical stuff have seen something from the 90's that could have strong links to what i am doing (again another dimly lit bulb appears).

So if you see me, nag me, ask me, "Andrew how are you getting on with your research", i may curse and mutter, it wont be directed at you, simply a mere reminder that i must be disciplined.


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