My list of accomplishments ....

After seeing a feed of somewhat contrasting and entertaining comments on the current reality TV shizer, I feel it is time to list my accomplishments:

I have never :

  1. Rang a phone in to vote for anyone or anything, so was therefore amused over the previous controversy
  2. Bought the Daily Mail, so could not share the nations ire over ‘Sach’s Gate’
  3. Watched the apprentice, any series or any incarnation.
  4. Seen Dragons Den or any other mythical creatures, alcohol induced or otherwise
  5. Watched any episode of Big Brother, I have read 1984 (more than once) but feel that for many I am risking being too intellectual
  6. Watched X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, Pop Idol or anything similar, I don’t particularly recall the 70’s or 80’s incarnations of these either.

I am sure this makes me dull and therefore unaccomplished and lacking as a member of our society.


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