Getting lost, its impossible with an iPhone

This is a 'more or less' copy of a blog entry i have recently posted on the Cisco Academy CCNA security community.

A big thank you to Greg J, who in response to my last blog post has shared this very useful application ... . After using this i would say, you all must consider using this in class as an interesting object lesson in encryption, security and how data can be abused.

My iPhone 4 was purchased last october, yet i can see some tracking from my older iPhone 3, based on when/where i have travelled since last summer.

As you can all see, i have been around:

No surprises here, i know that i have been to the UK (home), Hungary, Trinidad and Cyprus.

If we take a look at the UK, we can see:
No surprises here either, i have been busy in this time, with London, Milton Keynes, Home and Birmingham the principal hits.

For good measure, i live in the southern part of the UK, lets take a closer look:

Fortunately my wife knows where i am, this i happily share, but in many situations this data in a mash up with other data could be mined for valuable information that could be used against me or others.


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