Yesterdays mega-hype must have toy .... Is today's tat

By now you will have worked out I am a bit of a geek, ok lets face facts I am a lot of a geek, ok, totally geek. Over the years, I have seen many hype curves, with different technology toys that go from fashionable to every day then eventually become outdated.

That was the past and is also no different now. Who became excited when :

  • You could get a CD burner
  • A USB memory stick (512K was something to aspire to)
  • A MP3 player
  • A DVD burner
  • Flat screen monitors or televisions
  • Optical mice (yep, they were cool once)
  • SMS (text messages)
  • Express on covers

Now, with mobile phones, iPads, touch screens, tablet PC’s, it would seem that the hype continues.

I wonder what comes next and what my inner geek will want to caress in the name of techno-consumerism.


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