An Ivory Tower moment ....

Working where I do has many blessings, being part of an academic institution having a strong reputation and public regard is rewarding.

Yet occasionally, there is the odd moment, where it gets stuck in its own Ivory Tower, unable to connect with the reality of the educational environment it works in.

Today, was no exception, after watching an email exchange between bemused souls (who do have their feet on the ground) reacting to an even longer email thread on the inclusion of “younger” students on a particular course.

At no point, has the university gripped onto the fact that:

  • We are part of a larger community already delivering this (for the best part of ten years, we are the newcomers)
  • Many in the larger community are already delivering this to ages 14+
  • Apart from our reputation and distance learning mode of delivery, there is little else that stands us apart from the teaching community in this domain

Hand palms forehead, sigh of resigned amusement ...


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