UK Government adopts Hexadecimal to solve economic crisis

After some considerable soul searching and financial analysis, the UK coalition government in a flash of inspiration (powered by Boris on his bike based dynamo) have solved many of the financial issues by changing all calculations to Hexadecimal after listening to some computer boffins.

Instead of having ten digits (0 to 9), hexadecimal enjoys an inflation busing sixteen digits from Zero to F, using the letters A, B, C, D, E and F for 10,11,12,13,14 and 15. The value of numbers such as 10 will mean that you actually have 16 and 1A represents 26. Large numbers in their billions, will diminish as we have more digits to represent them and could have a more interesting meaning, as £:DEADBEEF would represent a debt of £3,735,928,559. Would it not be nice to clear nearly four billion in debt by one unit of DEADBEEF.

As a result, you will be expected to retire at 65 ((6x16)+5) = 101, so with your pension book in hand, you know that you have already received your much deserved telegram from the current monarch.

Drink problems will be solved, to be 18, ((1x16)+8) gives every one the reassurance that all 26 year olds should know better, better still is that the school leaving age can be reduced, where we would expect everyone to leave at the age of 12 ((1x16)+2)=18 without the risk that any thinks you are too young.

Soon numbers will become more interesting, with
FACE, FOO, CA5E, C0D, C0DE and BA115 all having meaning and a value.

Please read and share, as many will need to learn how to count using this system.


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