The sneak reappears ...

Amongst my peers, we all know someone that I will refer to as "The Sneak" - they can seem perfectly reasonable and charming on first contact yet after a while I would suggest keeping them at arms length as they have a knack of tainting anything good.

You get to hear rumours, you get to hear hilarious tales - when the sneak was involved, you wondered how they acquired a teflon undercoat and survived so long. After contributing to a collective fouling and behaving appallingly again and again. It would seem that they have been dumped.

Only to appear at another unwitting college within a momentary blink.

How do we know - students who had left one college because of this sneak are aghast to see them reappear at their new college!

Our sneak is no friend of mine and those who work closely with me on national (and international) opportunities. We are amused to see that they also applied for a mass training activity. Really, did the sneak think that we wouldn't notice. Entry has been deleted - I am open minded, however, I am not that open minded.

I think we will keep a collective eye out for this soul - my instinct tells me that they will reappear to blight the education of others.


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