Permission vs Forgiveness ...

Often amongst academics of my erstwhile institution, a saying is bandied - 'we would rather forgiveness, than seek permission'. A reaction to our oft over enthusiastic administratum where the default answer is normally 'no' or you are allowed to do something that resembles a Goat, when you envisaged a Gazelle.

To be fair, it isn't a sole malady inflicting where I work - time again I see the same issue, the same attitude (from a few) and the same willingness to overcome organisational reticence.

Yet, I must admit when it comes to the notion of forgiveness (in this context) - I feel that I do not desire this either. If I have had to create a workaround solution to overcome an issue that you have created or at least a part of - then to be honest, you are the last person I would ever seek forgiveness from.

So, time for a reword methinks ... I would rather 'seize the day than seize your throat', or 'better to try than hit you for saying no'. 'Funny, I didn't think you realised that I was going to do it anyway'.

Such fun!!!


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