No no no, not another annual roundup and predictions for 2017 ...

I think 2016 is entirely
the fault of Peppa
Arrrrggggghhh ... I cannot bear it, as the notional year ends, our planet completes another orbit unaware of the churnalistic detritus being committed in the name of 'news'. Everyone is at it and wtf, I made the same mistake (once and once alone).

Stop the meh churnalisms - most of us wish to forget ... 2016 was officially shit. 2017 isn't looking particularly cheerful at the moment. I would rather read five reasons why Peppa Pig prefers Danish bacon. Future saying is no better, what are the next cybersecurity threats likely to be - erm, an attack on something/someone big. Again this could be an IoT enabled Peppa Pig - what are the chances?

Who is likely to croak in 2017 - your guess is as good as mine. Considering the state of some nations - the untimely demise of Peppa Pig may rally an unexpected reaction. Especially if you are under five years of age.

Now you are wondering if I am anti Peppa Pig - try watching it for more than an hour and I defy you not to wish to rip out your eyes. Compared to Syria, Trump, Brexit and many other issues - I can cope with Peppa getting the chop (pun intended). With Bowie, Lemmy (well late 2015), Rickman, Corbett and Wood amongst others - the celebs have also suffered an unfortunate year.

Of course, this is supposed to be a witty post - I am not normally this positive.



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