Gentle Reminders, make me want to ...

Have you ever had a gentle reminder - those two words make the hair on the back of my neck bristle as I suppress the urge to throttle the source of this passive aggressive nonsense.

If I haven't yet submitted the thing on the day that the thing is due - I could suck it up and bear the grind of getting such an email. But a mass email - in which I am included, gently reminding some smart, capable very busy people five days ahead of a deadline does niggle.

It is as if I do not already think that the document needed is a process based process that serves little purpose except to exact some notion of administrative mind numbness.

Instead of clicking heels and getting on with it - even though it was my plan to do it in advance of the deadline. I dragged the item to a lower priority on my to do list and started writing this blog article instead.


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