Creating #Linux Academy incubator for @CiscoNetAcad ... the story so far ..

As ideas go, not only is this a little on the side of madness, it may actually work. After some interesting conversations with a wonderful partner in crime +Nuno Guarda we may have an idea that could grow legs and run by itself.

Via the Cisco Networking Academy programme; there is a new course ... Linux Essentials, that can be delivered by instructors with no prior experience. Before anyone panics, the expectation is that they either have some prior knowledge of Linux or do the decent thing and study the course themselves before teaching it.

What makes this opportunity particularly clever is the course creators NDG have successfully embedded cloud based Linux instances into the online curriculum. Which means for schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments. There is no need to convince the IT chaps that they must allow them to install all kinds of Linux on their precious systems (not that we are discouraging you from doing this).

Phase one is underway, I am canvassing our former Open University Linux and Cisco students asking if they wish to volunteer 30-60 minutes a week to support a community of educators. To date we have just accepted the 100th volunteer, considering that the call only went out three days ago is impressive.

For the volunteers there is a pay back, they become Cisco Academy instructors and have access to the Linux Essentials course (as well as offerings that include cyber security and internet of things). They can self improve (if they wish) and may be in a position to gain Linux Accreditation.

I will be reaching out to other groups, asking for volunteers, all we need is your name, preferred email address sent to our project gmail account.

Then for phase two ... as we seek volunteers, we will be canvassing educational establishments. Inviting them to become members of this community, creating Cisco Academies and enjoying the support of the Open University ASC. They will also need to become part of this community, give a little time to support others, self develop and learn how to teach Linux Essentials.

 But with the advantage, that there are others with a little experience already involved.

If you need to know more, please visit the project site. If you are educational establishment, you are welcome, we can include you as a Cisco Academy. If you are an individual, welcome, you are able to join the Open University - Academy Incubator.


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