I like geek teachers ... who wouldn't ...

I am thinking of getting a badge made OU-Nerd and proud of it. Why not ... its great being a nerd/geek as well as computing anorak. Life could not be better.

Then there are the nerds/geeks who teach. While I take great pleasure in disparaging the semi-illiterate IT types. There is a uber-class of nerd out there that can, do; and will engage our youth into some of the darker arts of tech, programming, security, networking and just plan clever stuff.

Taking them to places no boldly split infinitive has gone before; teaching our youth to look after systems which many of us depend on for our infrastructure, airflight, financial transactions or defence. Its no mean feat.

So, if you wonder why I am in it for the geek teacher and do much of what I do to support the 'right' education. Think next time you are 33,000 feet in the air, lets hope that the air traffic control network is working at optimal performance.


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