And its all take, take, take ...

Sometimes the education sector makes me stop and think, not in wonder or awe, but often in utter amazement at the ignorance and indifference.

There seems to me, to be a culture that expects to receive, but never to reciprocate. Very much a gimme, gimme, gimme culture, but not idea that those they ask are not paid to give them anything.

Being a noisy advocate, I often get asked to do ‘stuff’ much to misconception of many I will help, when the cause is good, but often decline many a request, feeling that there is more self-interest at heart rather than the desire to better the education of those in their reach.

What becomes more annoying is when, individuals from national bodies, who should be owning the education of our IT/Computing students do nothing and expect others to do it for them, gratis. Sadly, this attitude has little longevity in my experience.

O dear, ah well, lets ignore them, everyone else does.


  1. Andrew, you almost sound concerned, and this so not like you, I guess the change in the weather has made you somewhat sentimental!!


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