The real deal ....

Apologies for not blogging for a while, the cup overflows at the moment with book edits amongst other things.

But apart from this I am slowly gaining a new respect for educators, not that I never had this before, it does require an open mind and the opportunity to visit different academic centres to gain an understanding of what is in the hearts and souls of these personas.

Having worked in a culture where excellence=inspection-grades and excellence=resources; the culture is seldom focused on the quality and content of the educational experience, instead obsessed with appearance and making the results fit the expectation.

I am sure there are those who would decry the last statement, please do, I am in the mood for some amusement.

What has impressed me the most is when I see a centre with nothing special to offer, when resources are lacking and the culture is not inspection-grade driven. Instead of worrying about resource, or results, they are keen to make the learning experience engaging and informative for their students, focused on what is fun, educational and fit for purpose. Importantly they are inspired to think out of the box and create some incredibly innovative experiences for their students.

In fact more innovative I feel than those who have it all.

If you want the best for your children, not look at the resources, the wily words or sharp rhetoric, look into the hearts and the eyes of the educators and discover if they are able to do the best for your youngsters, irrespective of the tools they possess. Chances are they will do more for their students and equip them better than any well resourced centre.

These dear hearts are the real deal.


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