Policy dictates and the such

In the ever sifting sands of educational policy, a student, let alone a parent or an employer can be forgiven for being a little confused. What is more frightening is that many educators struggle to keep up with what is current and often in a fit of resignation, stick to older ideas, not because they are the better ideas, more out of the inability to cope with change.

Change is not always for the better, there is credence in returning to some ‘old values’ but in this push, there is often the removal of the infant with the bathing water. Equally as silly, so no winners are found this way either.

Common sense, whatever it may be has run off, dived for cover and pleaded insanity for its own protection.

So what is the current educational vogue, the word on the street is that we are returning to more academic subjects. Now what an excellent idea, we can have people with plenty of knowledge but dispense with the experience or ability requirements.

I have no issue with academic qualifications nor do I favour solely vocational, the reality is, I like both, want both and think there should be a mixture at all levels. Some subjects lend themselves to the vocational only, others are more academic and many sit comfortably between both with many degrees of variance.

Education is complex, so should not be the play toy of policy, each change not only adds to the complex chaotic confusion, it damages the ability of our workforce to communicate their skills.

The real issue I think.


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