Getting the vendor units into the BTEC IT

I am sure some who read this will immediately add critique, why not unit x, or you should have included unit y, fair comment, until they take the time to make the voluntary contribution to get these units into the UK Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) National Database of Accredited Qualifications (NDAQ), we will enjoy the benefit of those we have.

The challenge of keeping vendor units in the QCF is a matter of timing, in the intervening period from agreed to inclusion to actual inclusion, some vendors have already changed their certification. Overcoming this will never be perfect, national qualifications have five year shelf lives, academic centres tend to plan their delivery in one year cycles and the vendors are driven by commercial objectives that in all cases are international in their nature and heed not the educational system of the UK (or any other nation).

This is compounded by the need for all vendor units to be awarding body neutral (this is another painful conversation).

There are more vendor units, than those listed, some are Level 1 such as the CompTIA IT strata or Level 4, as per some offerings from Cisco (the CCNP) and Microsoft (some of their developer units). With the BTEC firsts and nationals being at levels 2 and 3, the operational space is somewhat fixed.

So, with this in mind the units are soon to be published on the BTEC site and will be as below (the number to the right is the level), those delivering the BTEC will know that you can move units between levels (there is a %age requirement and some rules, these are in the public domain).

Take the time to look, leave comment and suggest where (in the future) we could explore other vendor units and other vendors.
Cisco Systems  
2   IT Essentials Pt1   
3   IT Essentials Pt2   
3   CCNA Security   
3   CCNA Voice   
3   CCNA Wireless   
3   CCNA Discovery 1 Networking for Home and Small Business   
3   CCNA Discovery 2 Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP   
3   CCNA Discovery 3 Introducing Routing and Switching in the Enterprise   
3   CCNA Discovery 4 Designing and Supporting Computer Networks   
3   CCNA Exploration 1Fundamentals of Networking   
3   CCNA Exploration 2 Routers and Routing Protocols   
3   CCNA Exploration 3 LAN Switching and Wireless   
3   CCNA Exploration 4 Accessing the WAN  
2   A+ Essentials   
2   A+ Practical Applications   
2   Linux+/LPI101   
3   Linux+/LPI102   
3   Network+   
3   Security+   
3   Server+   

2   Microsoft Windows 7, Configuring (70-680)   
2   Microsoft Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Technician (70-685)   
3   Microsoft Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator (70-686)   
3   Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Active Directory, Configuring (70-640)   
3   Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Network Infrastructure, Configuring (70-642)   
3   Designing and Developing Windows Applications Using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (70-563)   

3   Data Design   
3   Database Design and Programming with SQL   
3   Programming with PLSQL  
VM ware   
3   Master : Enterprise Administration   
3   Master : Enterprise Design  


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