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MOOC (ish) free course in C++ --- any programmers would like to volunteer please share and RT ...

Cisco Systems via their Netacad (Cisco Networking Academy) programme have recently released a Programming Essentials in C++ course. I want to give it away to as many people as possible. This is entirely legitimate, nothing dodgy and part of the community spirit surrounding our status as a Cisco ASC (Academy Support Centre) within Netacad.

We need programmers, you need programmers, the world needs more programmers. This is the same for the UK, USA, UAE and any other nation that lacks a U in its name.

With this in mind, this is a call for volunteers - programmers with some C++ experience willing to act as curators/experts on the forums within this course. There will be no pay, maybe if I ever meet you I will reward you with a preferred caffeinated beverage and a cake like confection. However we can promise a sense of pride and the satisfaction that you will be helping others.

if ((interested=true) && (experience>0))


Twenty years in education ...

I never planned to be in education ... sorry, it was a series of circumstances that put me in front of a class. Having been made redundant from a network managers role in 1996, with a two very young children (4 ish and under 1 years).

 The role I went for was a perfect fit - my plan was to stick it out for no more than three years and take the time to look for a more apt role. Reality bites and you soon discover that you are being sucked beyond the event horizon of education. Spending almost twelve years in further education.

Could I get back into industry - I am too far gone and to be honest I enjoy education too much.

Discovering that I could teach, or at least hold a class of teenagers hostage for a couple of hours. Opportunities appeared, writing books, developing qualifications and other interesting projects. By the early 00's I was working on higher education programmes as well as a well known networking academy.

By 08, it was time to move on and into higher education. I ha…