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Good fun today chatting with some Scientists

Spent some time this morning sharing the viral marketing work with the course team for S240 (Analytical Science), a bunch of souls who have the unenviable task of getting their course out there in the interweb.

Cant do too much to help at the moment chaps, but you do have this page with a mention at the bottom of the page, you could easily start some ‘look whats coming’ tweets.

Enjoy ...

Reaching conclusions ...

Often in the pursuit of my roles with education I encounter many souls from many organisations, active in many functions, nothing new there.

What I find commonplace in this cross section of humanity is their ability to jump to conclusions, make assumptions and generally misunderstand what is going on.

Or have I lost the plot, maybe this is the problem.

The range of depth of this misconception does concern me, often when faced with issues, the souls involved will make leaps, often incorrectly founded into the abyss and then wonder why the issues they are facing worsen or refuse to resolve themselves.

To be fair the education system in the UK is complex, probably needlessly so, I cannot claim to understand it all and try and keep a grip on the little puddle I splash around in. Yet sadly it seems that many have never been given the tools to realize what puddle they are in or how muddy it may be.

So, with a new year I shall ...

Having never been too mindful of convention and not necessarily being someone who follows the rule, the idea of new years resolutions has for the most part been a source of personal amusement. Having set a low personal standard, it has become easy to maintain, therefore my resolutions for 2011, as follows, all should be easy to honour:

To become more irascible Question and challenge needless rules at every opportunity Marvel at the stupidity of humanity and poke fun at it Bend more rules Remain subversive Play with more Lego