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Do you ever ask yourself ....

What have i learnt today?What useful bit of knowledge have I acquired that will in someway better me someday.-
-----Nope, no hope here.

todays question :

If some of the armed forces of the world are accepting simulation (call of duty etc) as a valid experiential format, why do networkers get emotional.Here 'armed personnel' can make mistakes that would be costly in a 'real situation' and develop a range of skills, whilst not the entire gamut, skills nevertheless.So, what is the view of networkers?

Well it wasn't a bad day ... but then ...

Dear <name removed as they are an idiot>Thank you for your grumpy toys being tossed out of the pram, stroppy rude email earlier today.As you can see from the tone of this email, i failed to come equipped with my 'giving a shit' app and am happy to sit here and think about the many reasons why you are still stuck in your little world.I would like to get engaged in your petty one downmanship, but i am doing too many interesting things at the moment to play along. Sadly you tried to play me off against an old dear friend, for whom i have greater regard and considerable respect.As you can tell, mainly by my absence, i don't work with you anymore, in fact it is almost four years ago since. It may have escaped your attention, we don't play in the same sand pit anymore, having found other bigger more interesting children to play with.If you would like my help, its on offer, but at a cost, where you have to remove your head from a bucket and take a careful look around.Yo…

The award that time (almost) forgot ...

During a random search of the wide wide interweb, an old page from a local newspaper presented itself.

I must admit, I had completely forgotten about this, the irony was not lost on me. By the time of this publication, my employer had already decided that the work being done did not meet their new vision and had already started the process of removing my grade (along with 16 others in the same position in the organisation).

In spite of being the only 'pioneer' in Europe, (cant prove it anymore, only claim it).

By the time this article was published in the local press I had already applied for the post I am in now at the Open University.

Isn't the passage time an interesting record ...

Do you ever think why? ...

Not an philosophical why, nor the repetitive why of a pre-schooler. The why, when you see something, hear something and thing Why? Really, why the @@@@ are you here wasting my time?I am sure this exists in many forums, but in education, we seem to have an abundance.One is going to wander off and bang my head against the wall.

Tick, Tock ....

Everything is on the edge of tomorrow
Today passes, another comes;
Yesterday is a mere figment, proven only by frail memory;
Photos and films of times lost ghosts;
Magnetic noises of distant voices, echoes of what might have been.Everything is on the edge of tomorrow
Today passes, another comes,
Chronographic assurances ticking away,
Assured death, assured decay.
Fragile, futile, we toil, that our hopes are still years at bay.What has time done for you?

Semi Detached Reality ...

Part of the art of what one does professionally is to NOT to be tied to
rules for the sake of rules and to be able to avoid adding rules where none
previously existed.

Its not difficult, at least I think it's not.

For some reason, our species has a knack of adding new rules, whenever they
spot a gap. Some are theological, some sociological others procedural.

Yesterday, I was chatting to a friend of my son, she is doing a nationally
recognized qualification in an unrelated discipline. Whilst I know little
about her field of study, the rules for assessment are 'exactly' the same
as my field of expertise as a senior verifier.

She was more than happy to share what her tutor has told her about
assessment, I know its the words of her tutor, as most 16/17 year olds
would not normally use many of these terms in their everyday conversation
(they are fortunate souls, they are still possess hope). After a short
explanation of what she has to do, to complete her assignments, it was