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A big thank you to @twfeed ...

I have been an active blogger for some time, discovering around six-seven years ago that connecting my blog to twitter was simple if I used TwitterFeed. As of today, at least sometime today they are going offline and I have created a recipe on IFTTT, which does the same.

In technological terms, this has little affect on my ability to still interlink my blog to social media. However, I am appreciative of the resource TwitterFeed has offered me over the years and it is courteous to at least offer some thanks to the souls behind this technology.

Fully engaging with social media over the last eight years, I am still amazed (amused) that there are so many souls manually linking their content. Tools like TwitterFeed, IFTTT and many more make life so simple, yet they do not.

So, goodbye TwitterFeed, hopefully this will be a rare duplicated post on my Twitter account.

Nothing to say here, please move on ...

Do you get writers block, I am sure there is a similar affliction for bloggers. Maybe it is blogspot elbow, who knows. Since early September, I have come back to this blog on a number of occasions to discover that I have nothing rattling around worth sharing. Well, at least worthwhile in my terms.

Yet, someone, somewhere still loves me. The readership hasn't been astounding, yet I am getting a fair rate of hits every day.

Thank you - whomever you are, thank you very much.

Maybe I need some ideas, if you have any, do tweet or comment. I am game on for random.