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Day #7 the last specifically #brexit post ... I kinda promise ... now with added Batman reference ...

It is a promise that I am likely to break - seven days and I am still appalled. Now the Tories are fighting for the vaulted position of King Rat.

I am reminded of the scene in Batman - the Dark Night - when Pennyworth (Michael Caine) tells Wayne about the kind of person he thinks the Joker is.

The gist is that "Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn" ... after seeing Farage's behaviour at the European Parliament. You could almost superimpose Heath Ledgers Joker onto Farage and see the macabre mischief maker at work.

You could not make it up - the resemblance is uncanny.

Day #6 of #Brexit ... this post is sweary but not as you know it ...

Watched the Farage do his yah boo sucks speech at the European Parliament yesterday. What a dickweaselling cockwomble of such an order than even shitgibbons look upon him in dismay. Winding up the other nations in the name of ours - cheers mate, are you trying to piss all over any negotiations.

May I assure you that this is considered compared to my actual feelings. Someone said to me today that they voted 'leave' as members of their family died in the second world war. Many of us also voted in for exactly the same reasons - yet probably in a more rational less explicitly jingoistic manner.

Now that 3 trillion has been wiped off of the global markets - I suppose this 17 million have had some impact. In terms of pissing off every country worldwide in a unilateral manner. Us 'In' voters cannot claim such notoriety.

Still pissed off.

Day #5 of #Brexit ... nope, still ain't doing acceptance ... not yet ...

I am still so far from acceptance that it will seem that I am condemned to a Sisyphean mental loop, continually rolling by ball of anguish up the Brexit hill. In plain English – one is screwed to relive this nightmare again, again and again.
Pseud moment and rant over. I still have been unable to fathom what has taken place. Somewhere between a matrix’esque dystopian nightmare and something from Noddy in EU Toytown is taking place at national level.
Farage knows how to rabble rouse and in some ways his speech at the EU assembly was the kind of bolshie I like. Yet – he could not help go that one step too far and down scale his output within minutes.
Is this a cynical ploy to kibosh any negotiations as nationally he will not be involved at any level – instead resigned to pissing from the side lines of history. I also wonder if any of his chums have been betting on the outcome. Early reports suggest that even this outcome has caught old Nige a little unawares and he is now galloping to cat…

Day #4 of #Brexit ... why am I still so angry ... then I remember ...

I don't like doing angry, it isn't good for the soul there is always something to be annoyed by and often it is trivial. Brexit on the other hand is an entirely different matter ... I can put aside the piss poor Stabby McBackStabby of our politicians. Eventually they will emerge from their own effluent and attempt to solve the problem.

Yet for the first time in my entire 47.5 years I have the distinct feeling that we are a rudderless nation floating metaphorically to a self imposed isolationist decay.

Now we learn of racist acts - small minded feeling empowered by the political climate. I hear from migrants who have invested in the UK - fearful of their position. I hear of Brits fearful of the long term prospect economically and socially.

Some of us may have voted for the nation we wished for - I doubt we will get the future we desire.

Post #Brexit, day #3 ... preferring the sound of silence ...

I have changed our radio station to a well known digital music station - I cannot cope with the news and opinion overload. While I love my middle english radio station of preference - I know that I can get some of my preferring outputs on iPlayer for the time being.

Social media and the web still gives me the news - there is too much bile to tolerate.

I am impressed with the Scottish parliament and the SNP - as you can tell from my previous posts I was always in. It is sad that they have to do the moves they are making - yet, we have left them no choice.

Meanwhile the sense of dismay is still pervading!!!

Day #2 of Brexit ... dumbfounded of ingerlandshire ....

Words cannot describe the sense of bemusement, confusion and befuddlement one is feeling over 36 hours after the result was announced. I am dumbfounded of Ingerlandshire

Brexit ... even tho the spell check will not yet acknowledge it, it has become a proper word.

I am a big fan of democracy and will come round to the decision - like it or not. However I am somewhat dumbstruck by the rhetoric pervading social media and wider media. As well as seemingly intelligent individuals not appreciating how this decision has been seen by others.

Going back to my previous post - which on reflection I still stand by. We (as a nation) do not seem to appreciate what others will now do as a result of this decision.

While I am not a 'research' academic, my teaching reaches many students in the UK by virtue of our international alliances. These will remain yet they will struggle as we have to dodge political dogma and uncertainty for the next two or more years.

Uncertainty equals reticence - th…

Why I am #IN not #OUT and all for #REMAIN ...

So that some Brexiteer does not have an emotional aneurysm - this blog is entirely my personal and very biased opinion. If you do not like it, go somewhere else for another biased dialogue.

I am in, I have voted in, I have voted to stay, to remain part of the EU and why is very simple:

With over forty years of integration - will it be easy to financially unpick ourselves? Having chatted to an eminent economist - his words were 'this is not the best time', in fact his other words were 'it is too complicated for anyone to actually know, however the markets will decide'. Funny they have already done this and sadly it is not in our favour.You racist bastards - whoops did I use a rude word. Rhetoric that has come from both the moderate and extreme ends of the Brexit debate leaves me numb. Speaking to a very active hard working non-brit european recently - suddenly your shit is scaring them. I am scared that we are turning into the euro-racists of pre-1939. Some similarities…

The balancing act of being in a student created, curated and moderated Facebook group …

A many who follow this blog are aware, I am a bit of a busy bee when it comes to utilising social media. Apart from the obvious assumptions that I lack any form of personal life – working at a distance learning university, it is clear to me that social media is one of many essential tools for a ‘modern’ students.
I have many module team centric social media resources offering them to anyone and everyone. Yet the students want their own self-managed space. Which is their right and who am I to disagree.
Thinking back, I recall being a member of the groups being set up for the last five years. Early on it was stealth as some students saw this as a ranty space to illicitly share assignment answers and exam papers. Over the last two years the facebook groups have evolved into a mature environment, with students exchanging ideas and experiences.
Yes – there is still a bit of a OU swipe taking place – everyone needs to let off steam and there have been occasions where I would happily concur w…

The Zombie apocalypse is here - & it has arrived in the form of a EU Referendum ...