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Rag to a Bull with @bruntonspall ...

To be fair I am sitting in an award board, which in my honest opinion are the most unstimulating of affairs; so seeing Brunton-Spall tweet about self-googling is possibly the most interesting thing I can do at the moment.
Is self-googling an unflattering thing to do, on the scale of narcissic behaviours its not quite an onanist act but borders on self-delusional.
Hope Mr Brunton-Spall enjoys the experience ;-)

The noble art of oral podiatry or 'foot in mouth disease' ...

At some time, we have all been novices in this most noble of ancient arts. Deftly opening gob, to disengage brain and insert a lower extremity with gusto. Yet don't we meet masters of this discipline for whom this has become an art form.

There are many in public life, in our circle of friends or at work; like a ninja in the night open orifice and flip that foot right in.

So what is my thinking on this, should they be ridiculed, should we mock those who often say something that we could have easily done ourselves. Or should we celebrate this knack of committing oral podiatry as a masterful discipline that should be revered.

To be a black belt oral podiatrist; to have your gob registered as a tactical weapon. Able to render the opponent speechless by a deft foot+mouth moment. Think about it, it has its appeal.